About Buzzy:
In a world of chaos, mystery, and uncertainty, where gratuitous word limits are imposed on all, one heroic Bee, Buzzy, stands in the way of total disaster for all life. Using his mighty wings and pure determination, he fights not only against his own limits, but also against the limits of Mother Nature's mighty gusts, gravity itself, and the harsh terrain that he calls home in order to collect enough honey stars to survive the season.

Failure is not an option here! If Buzzy fails to collect enough stars before the seasons change, not only will he himself perish - his entire hive, the only hive remaining, will perish alongside him!!

You, controlling Buzzy, must do whatever it takes protect his hive, protect the world, and most of all, protect his one true love - the hive queen from certain destruction....

Your Goal:
Guide Buzzy through the treacherous maze of ups and downs in this totally original and one of a kind tap tap minigame!! Collect as many honey stars as you can to ensure his, and his hives survival.

Gameplay & Features:

  • Simple tap and click mechanics. The key to Buzzy's survival, use either your keyboard, mouse, or finger to make him flap his wings and avoid obstacles. The more you tap, the higher he goes!
  • Easy to understand collection based scoring system. The more honey stars you add to your collection, the more your score will grow.
  • 1280x720p HD Resolution
  • Keyboard/Gamepad Support (space/ok)
  • Animated Loading Screen
  • Asset Preloading for smooth gameplay
  • Improved Collision Detection
  • Quick Jump Boost (double taps = high jumps)
  • Personal Highscore Record
  • Online Highscore Records
  • 10 Awesome Unique Levels

The Making Of:
This game is just a little something I randomly decided to make this morning. Its currently in beta because of this, but I do feel that it has all the features I'd like to add at this time. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or a bug to report, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

The Making Of II:
I have spent the past few days tightening the game mechanics, clicking my mouse, upscaling the resolution, tapping my phone screen, adding personal records, clicking mouse again, loading screens, redoing almost all assets, and of course, clicking my mouse some more!!

Hoping to have an android version ready for download soon. Need to add an asset preloader next I think... On mobile there is a noticeable delay when a new level loads for the first time. I'm guessing folks with slow web connections will suffer the same fate on the web hosted version...

The Making Of III:
Spend the past week writing and rewriting a node.js backend api to manage highscores. This has now been fully implemented in Buzzy. I also spent far too long scrolling through different fonts to choose one for the highscore list, redesigned the game title and end scenes to accommodate highscores and a shiny name input box. Asset preloading is now also a thing (at least for the heavier images)

All thats really left is mobile. An android port might be released at some point, but tbh, im sick of this game now. I've spent almost two weeks constantly clicking my damn mouse (my personal best is now 207 - I haven't posted any scores on the highscore list since it went live to give people a chance to get good) :D

The Making Of IV:
Since the last update there has been a number of small updates (now v1.0.6) that I felt another small entry should be made.. A number of small improvements have been made overall. Each level has its own custom music, and the latest update adds 6 new levels. Each time I add a new level I get a notification that a new asset pack is available (the ones I use for the game levels), which of course means I have to add more levels.

I still haven't ported to android as I'm not happy with the performance I got when I last tried and its a lot of work to improve the overall performance of the engine. I hope to get there sometime, but that time is not now... The game does seem to run fine on higher end devices via the website though. So there is that option for those who have a device (pixel 3 seems to have no issue).

Gameplay Footage:

This game can also be found on my personal website:

This system can be also purchased as a minigame for your own RPG Maker MZ projects:

Pro Tips:

  • Press the print screen key to automatically download a png of your game screen. (or site button)
  • Look out for the ultra rare honey hue! Make sure to collect it to quickly build your score!!

Programming: DekitaRPG
Graphic Assets Used: Akashics & Craftpix
Game Engine: RPG Maker MZ
Additional: @Amysaurus and @Galenmereth for help with lore creation for this description!!

How to enable OpenGL on Firefox for older hardware:

  • Type about:config into the address bar, and press enter.
  • Then search for this key: layers.acceleration.force-enabled
  • Switch the value to true
  • Restart your browser.

This **MAY** fix OpenGL related issues and the rare "Error, Failed to initialize graphics" error for older hardware. Not guaranteed to run smoothly!! This error is caused by the RM engine directly when attempting to run on older devices.


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Congratulations man for your new game!

I hope to see more of your work!

Hey thanks dude! <3
Will hopefully have another game project finished within the next few months. Lets say... April? :P